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Introductory Facials

If you’re looking for a simple facial to jumpstart or maintain your skin journey you will enjoy one of our introductory facials.


Essential Facial


Includes wood lamp skin analysis, cleansing, exfoliant, hot towel, hydrating facial mask, and application of moisturizer.

The Signature


Includes wood lamp skin analysis, aromatherapy, steam treatment, cleansing, exfoliant, up to 5 minutes of extractions, corrective facial mask, serum, hot towels,  hand, arm, neck and facial massage and moisturizer.

Luxury Advanced Treatment Facials

Try a custom facial to target specific skin concerns! Upgrade to the deluxe version to include a back facial plus sugar scrub, mask, hot towel and massage on hands, arms, legs and feet for + $100.


"Better Than Sex" Smoothing + Firming Facial


This facial includes a steam treatment to promote blood flow, cleansing oil and a facial cupping session, which is an ancient Chinese practice. After the cupping session, the facial resumes with a creamy cleanse followed by a milk cleanse, exfoliant, extractions if needed, nourishing sheet mask, cool towels, anti-aging cacao hydrojelly mask plus jade stone treatment, toner, and massage with a moisturizing lotion.

"Too Legit for Zits" Antibacterial Acne Control Facial


This facial includes a steam treatment to open pores, benzoyl peroxide cleanse, exfoliant, detoxifying and replenishing mask treatment with cool towels and frozen globe massage, toner, extraction, high frequency treatment and massage with a moisturizing gel. This facial is infused with DöTerra eucalyptus essential oil applied topically and incorporated into hand and arm massage. Foot mask or facial, back facial or vajacial may be added to this facial a la carte for a full body experience. 


"The Chill Pill" Rosacea, Eczema & Sensitive Skin Facial


This facial is infused with DöTerra lavender oil and includes an organic oatmeal and turmeric scrub. No steam is included in this facial. Instead, your skin will be treated with a coconut and chamomile mask followed by a frozen globe massage.


"Hello Sunshine" Dermaplaning Facial


This facial includes a dermaplaning session to remove the barrier created by vellus hairs for better product penetration and an immediate brighter skin tone. Your dermaplaning session will be followed by ultrasonic therapy and the application of a brightening and hydrating mask.

"Cleopatra 24K Gold" Deep Pore Cleansing Facial


Includes double cleanse including a milk cleanse delivering lactic acid, Vitamin A, D, B12, B6, Biotin, potassium and calcium and serving as a deep pore cleanse followed by reducing blackheads, whiteheads and pimple breakouts. This facial includes a coconut mask followed by a 24K Gold + Australian Sheep Placenta hydrojelly mask. 


"Extraterrestrial Glow" Texture & Blemish Control Facial


This facial is designed to tackle “facial craters” and/or resurface the skin for a smoother texture. Infused with DöTerra essential oil, treatment includes a double cleanse, microdermabrasion, and hyaluronic acid serum. Your skin will be treated with a charcoal sheet mask and Egyptian rose hydrojelly mask and jade roller massage. 

"Instant Zen" Anxiety + Tension Headache Relief Facial


This facial is infused with a special blend of essential oils to combat migraine and tension headaches. You will feel a relief as therapeutic steam relieves sinus pressure. Your skin will be treated with a refreshing mask and hot towel to melt your worries away.  This facial includes a 15 facial massage along with hand and arm massage. 

Brazilian & Bikini Waxes


Classic Bikini Wax


Removal of hair that is visible around the bikini line. Includes inner buttocks wax and trimming of remaining hair.

Essential Brazilian Wax


Removal of all hair in bikini area and butt strip only. Hair must be 1/4 inches (no shorter or longer than the length of a grain of rice).


Signature Brazilian Wax


Includes aromatherapy, optional numbing solution, up to 5 minutes of extractions,  hydrating mask, serum and moisturizer. Hair must be 1/4 inches (no shorter or longer than the length of a grain of rice).

Epilfree Body Permanent Hair Removal Treatments

Epilfree is an advanced hair reduction treatment system that is an alternative to laser removal. It is 100% natural and has safe ingredients! CONSULTATION REQUIRED.


Epilfree Brazilian


Epilfree Bikini



Epilfree Under Arms



Epilfree Chin



Epilfree Lip


Body Waxes


Brow Wax


Brow + Lip + Chin Wax



Underarm Wax



What does a facial consist of?

You will be escorted to a treatment room and asked to slip into a robe. You may disrobe to your level of comfort. Keep in mind that your facial may include a neck massage. You will want to remove clothing or jewelry that could interfere with the service.  Your skin will be analyzed, cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized along with any other treatment included in your selected facial service. A facial experience is similar to a massage experience as you are able to relax while your skin is being pampered.

What Does Facial Cupping Consist Of?

Cups are used to create a vacuum effect on the facial skin which breaks up layers of tissues and aids in detox through the lymphatic system. As a result of increased circulation, blood flow and fresh blood entering tissues of targeted areas, skin is lifted, plumped, brightened and rejuvenated.

Facial cupping can provide significant therapeutic results for symptoms related to sinus infection, TMJ, inflammation and edema.

For optimum results, we recommend 10-12 weekly sessions followed my a monthly maintenance sessions.

Is Facial Cupping for Me?

When booking the appointment, let your Esthetician know about any allergies or medical conditions you may have.

Facial cupping is not suitable for you if:

• you are allergic to essential oils or latex

• you are a cancer patient

• you have been diagnosed with any organ failure (renal failure, hepatic failure, and heart failure). 

• you are using a pace maker or are suffering from hemophilia or similar conditions.

Relative cupping therapy contraindications include acute infection, using anticoagulants, severe chronic disease (such as heart diseases), pregnancy, puerperium, menstruation, anemia, recent wet cupping session, recent blood donation, and medical emergencies.

 * Please consult your Doctor as this is dependent on the severity of your condition 

Possible Side Effects

 The side effects listed here are merely examples and are not intended to be an exhaustive list.

1. Dizziness

2. Light headedness

3. Nausea

4. Cold sweats 

We are here to help you.

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