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Permanent Hair Removal

EpilFree/Permanent Hair Removal

EpilFree/Permanent Hair Removal

One thing everyone desires in scorching summers is smooth and hair-free skin. Shaving is a common method used to remove unwanted body hair. However, this should not be an option. This method is less efficient and can cause permanent damage too. Undoubtedly, shaving is time-consuming, irritating, and causes redness to your skin. To get rid of the monthly hair removal ritual, people are seeking a highly effective solution that fetches long-lasting results. Permanent hair removal is the method that guarantees to give you the clear, smooth, and hair-free skin that you always desire. However, permanent hair removal can only work wonders when done with EpilFree products. 

Let’s discuss permanent hair removal, its procedure, what you can expect, and much more.

Epilfree Body Permanent Hair Removal Treatments

Epilfree is an advanced hair reduction treatment system that is an alternative to laser removal. It is 100% natural and has safe ingredients! CONSULTATION REQUIRED.


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Get Glossy Skin With EpilFree Permanent Hair Removal.

As the name suggests, permanent hair removal is the method to remove hair from the body permanently. There are different types of procedures that estheticians use for hair removal, for example, laser hair treatment. However, Lemon Sage Day Spa estheticians use a serum that removes hair from roots. EpilFree is a natural and non-laser hair removal solution that guarantees exceptional results. It is a great solution that ensures optimal results for people looking to remove their hair permanently.

Get Glossy Skin With EpilFree Permanent Hair Removal
How Does The EpilFree Solution Work For Permanent Hair Removal

How Does The EpilFree Solution Work For Permanent Hair Removal?

EpilFree is a two-step serum system used to remove hair naturally from your body. As people are becoming more concerned about their skincare, EpilFree comes as a revolutionary solution for removing unwanted hair from the body. The serum works with wax that an esthetician will apply to your body parts from where hair needs to be removed. EpilFree is such an effective solution that can be used over tattoos and on all Fitzpatrick types of skin. Since the EpilFree serum is made up of natural and synthetic ingredients, it ultimately slows down the regrowth process of unwanted body hair.

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What Can You Expect From The Treatment?

EpilFree hair removal solution is for both – men and women. This treatment can be used on any part of the body and is beneficial for people of all ages, from teenagers to adults. Regardless of hair color, skin tone, gender, and age, EpilFree is an effective solution to remove hair from the body permanently. Once the treatment is done, you will see hairless and smooth skin. However, EpilFree requires a series of six to 12 treatments to provide you with optimal results. It is because the hair grows in stages, and 10-15% of the hair on your body is in the growth stage when the EpilFree serum can work wonders. Indeed, the results are worth appreciating, just like the product.

What Can You Expect From The Treatment
Why consider Lemon Sage Day Spa

Why consider Lemon Sage Day Spa?

Lemon Sage Day Spa is the most renowned spa in Huntsville, Alabama. Unlike other spas, we use original and 100% chemical-free products for permanent hair removal. All the estheticians at Lemon Sage Day Spa use EpilFree products to remove unwanted hair from your body. Further, all our professionals have years of experience in this field and are very well aware of the treatment. With our services, you can get guaranteed results and high-quality permanent hair removal treatment – and, altogether under a single roof. 

Moreover, we also offer membership discounts for all our members to get a hefty discount. Whether you’re looking for permanent hair removal, microdermabrasion, dermaplaning, hydro massage, or advanced facial treatment, we offer everything you want to treat your skin. We ensure you get the best and chemical-free treatment that won’t damage your skin. Consult our expert estheticians today for permanent hair removal and other skin care treatments you’re looking for.

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