Dull or tired-looking skin? Chemical peel Huntsville AL is what you need. It is an effective skin treatment that leaves behind rejuvenated, glowing, and healed skin. Chemical peels can fix fine lines, breakouts, and hyperpigmentation. The treatments can keep your skin in shape and bounce back life into your skin. Chemical peels exfoliate your skin and give you a revitalized glow. 

Now that you know what a chemical peel does. Let’s take a quick look at different types of chemical peels.  

Types of Chemical Peels

A chemical peel is a skin tightening and rejuvenating treatment and can be classified into three categories as mentioned below; 

1. Superficial Peel

First is superficial chemical peels. In these treatments, professionals use a mild acid that penetrates only the topmost layer of the skin and treats slight skin discoloration and rough skin. Superficial chemical peel Huntsville AL is one of the most sought-after treatments. 

2. Medium Peel

Next is the middle chemical peel; in these treatments, a stronger acid (as compared to Superficial peel), such as glycolic acid, is used to penetrate the middle layers of the skin. The middle peel can treat age spots, wrinkles, and fine lines. 

3. Deep Peel

Lastly, we have deep peels, where acids like trichloroacetic penetrate the deeper layer of the skin and greatly impact the skin. It can treat scars, freckles, and age spots.

All the above chemical peel treatments are pretty effective. However, the true effect of the treatment comes from aftercare. If you take proper care of your skin after chemical peel Huntsville AL, you will be able to cherish an incomparable radiant glow; otherwise, the effects can wear off quickly. So, we are here with eight do’s and don’ts of chemical peels, scroll down to find out!  

5 Do’s To Follow After Chemical Peel Huntsville AL

Mentioned below are five things you must follow after your chemical peel Huntsville AL treatment; 

    • Use SPF daily. 

Once you are done with your chemical peel Huntsville AL treatment, you must stay from the direct sun rays. Remember never to be hesitant of using SPF because your skin is the most delicate after the treatments; after all, its layer just got peeled! The new skin is sensitive immediately after the peel, and thus it is important to protect it from harmful UV rays. Direct sunlight can be harsh on your skin and lead to irritations and sunburn. 

    • Stay Away From Soap Cleansers 

Another essential tip to follow after a chemical peel Huntsville AL is to steer clear of soapy cleaners. To be precise, soap is harsh on your skin otherwise, and since the new layer of skin is sensitive, soap can wreak havoc on your skin! So, it is best to invest in soap-free facial cleansers, especially oil-based ones. These cleansers are soft on your skin and also give a hydrating effect. 

    • Use Cold Water To Clean Your Face

Make sure that your skin remains cool, away from direct sun rays, allergens, and hot water. All these can irritate the new layer of the skin and lead to skin burns, redness, or diminishing the glow. Your skin is tender, so it is always important to clean it with cold water, and it is gentle on your skin and helps reduce inflammation. Also, remember to pat dry your skin – DO NOT rub! 

    • Smother Yourself With Moisturizers 

The next crucial tip is to bathe in moisturizers – not literally! It simply means keeping your skin moisturized at all times. As aforementioned, the new layer of skin after chemical peel Huntsville is the most vulnerable one. Therefore, it is essential to hydrate it with moisturizer. Moreover, keeping your skin hydrated will also soften the skin and prevent flaking. Nevertheless, ensure that the moisturizer you use is not harsh and non-irritant. 

    • Always Listen To Professionals

Lastly, don’t forget to listen to your chemical peel professional. They are professionals for a reason, they know your skin type and offer your aftercare tips accordingly, so it is important to listen to and follow their advice. This is the most crucial tip for the aftercare of chemical peel Huntsville AL. 

3 Don’ts To Follow After Chemical Peel Huntsville AL

Mentioned below is the list of three don’ts that you need to steer clear of after your chemical peel Huntsville AL; 

    • Don’t Sweat Yourself Out

It is essential for you to understand that your sweat contains allergens and your body’s waste. Therefore, sweating excessively can result in inflammation, skin irritation, redness, etc. Remember to avoid high-intensity exercise, sauna, and other activities which can make you sweat excessively till your skin completely heals. Avoiding sweat will keep your skin cool further, resulting in more effective results. 

    • Beware Of The Exfoliators

Exfoliators are a ‘Big No’ after chemical peel. They are harsh on your skin, and you need to stay away from everything harsh for your skin, including soaps and scrubs. Exfoliators can make your skin flaky and, at times, can also lead to skin irritation. The chemical peel is the strongest method of exfoliation, so it does not need any more exfoliation! 

    • Peeling, Picking, Or Prodding Are A Big No

Similar to scrubs and exfoliators, it is also important that you ditch peeling, picking, and prodding. Though it might tempt you, you must refrain from allowing your skin to heal naturally. It might sound harder than avoiding everything, but it is the most crucial one. Interfering with your skin’s natural shedding can result in skin injuries, redness, inflammation, etc. 

Now that you know the aftercare steps, you can freely book chemical peel Huntsville AL. Schedule your appointment with Lemon Sage Day Spa to give your skin a revitalizing glow! Lemon Sage Day Spa is a haven for people who wish to have rejuvenated and glowing skin. So why wait? Book your services right away!

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