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Get Smooth Skin With Brazilian Wax Huntsville

Reveal Your True Beauty With Our Brazilian Wax Near Decatur

Get Smooth Skin With Brazilian Wax Huntsville

Unwanted hair sucks! Maintaining personal hygiene is not an option but a necessity. The most common issue every woman faces is difficulty in removing pubic hair. If you’re struggling to eliminate unwanted intimate hair or looking for an effective hair removal method, Brazilian wax is your solution. At Lemon Sage Day Spa, we offer state-of-the-art Brazilian wax near Decatur. We help you feel confident and reveal your true self. Want to get a smooth and sleek body? Try our bikini wax near Decatur. 

Brazilian/Bikini Wax: What You Need To Know?

Brazilian wax is a waxing service or treatment that removes all pubic hair – above, behind, and around every corner. Whereas bikini wax focuses on removing hair from the outside area seen in a bathing suit or underwear. Different types of wax are used to remove hair from the area based on the hair texture and skin. The estheticians at Lemon Sage Day Spa use hard and soft wax to remove hair. Our experienced estheticians will explain which bikini wax will be feasible for you. Get silky and smooth skin with our Brazilian wax near Decatur.


Hit The Beach With Confidence With Our Classic Bikini Wax, $40

Get Smooth Skin With Brazilian Wax Huntsville

It is such an embarrassing moment when hair peeks out of a bathing suit while hitting the beach. Agree? Whether you want to maintain aesthetic hygiene, fashion or any other reason, our classic bikini wax is your best bet. Getting the bikini line waxed is a perfect solution to attain that perfect summer swimsuit look while maintaining hygiene, which ultimately boosts self-confidence. At Lemon Sage Day Spa, we offer state-of-the-art bikini wax near Decatur to get the smooth and hair-free skin you have been craving for. Our bikini wax service is designed to remove hair around the bikini line. It also includes inner buttocks wax and trimming of remaining hair. To remove hair from these areas, the hair must be ¼ inches; the length shouldn’t be shorter or longer than this.

Get Smooth Skin With Brazilian Wax Huntsville

Our Palette Of Brazilian Wax Services

Essential Brazilian Wax


This waxing service eliminates all hair from the bikini area, including inner buttock wax. The pubic hair must be ¼ inch long, like the grain of rice (not longer or shorter than this).

Signature Brazilian Wax


To remove bikini hair, aromatherapy and numbing solutions are used after 5 minutes of extraction, serum, hydrating mask, and moisturizer. The hair length should be ¼ long, no short or longer than this.

How Do We Perform Bikini/Brazilian Wax?

Bikini/ Brazilian wax is a safe and effective process to remove all hair from the pubic area. The certified estheticians at Lemon Sage Day Spa complete the process in 15 to 30 minutes based on the area to be treated. Check the complete process of Brazilian/ Bikini waxing we perform at our spa: 
  • First, you must undress the waist down and lay on the table. 
  • Our estheticians will ask you about bikini wax lines, bikini full or full Brazilian wax to start the process. 
  • Before applying the wax to the treated area, our esthetician will clean the area to ensure that the wax sticks to the area. 
  • Now, the powder will be applied to the area to apply wax.
  • Once the wax is applied, our esthetician will use a strip of paper to remove hair from the area. 
  • Though all hair will be removed with a bikini wax, in case any hair is left, estheticians will use a tweezer to clean it.

Want soft, clean, and fresh skin down there? Our experienced estheticians will help you achieve the desired results with our high-quality and premium wax. 

Foresee The Results Of Bikini Wax

Getting a Brazilian waxing is a game-changer for you. Once the process is done, your skin might get a little tender. To make you comfortable, our esthetician will apply a cool compress and cold cream to soothe the treated area. You will surely love the results, but you must avoid taking a shower for 24-48 hours to prevent any kind of itchiness or irritation. 

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Choose Lemon Sage Day Spa For Brazilian Wax Near Decatur

If you’re searching for the best spa for bikini wax near Decatur, Lemon Sage Day Spa is here to stop your search. Being the best spa near Decatur, we specialize in bikini waxing, and we offer “Brazilian” waxing for women. Also, we are well-known for maintaining the highest hygiene standards. Our estheticians use disposable wax applicator sticks and waxing strips. Moreover, our estheticians are experts in delivering pain-free and clean experiences to clients. There are some reasons why people trust our bikini wax near Decatur and Huntsville areas. 
  • A serene ambiance 
  • Personalized care 
  • Free Consultation 
  • High quality salon 
  • Use of quality products 

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